Tuesday, November 17, 2009

irate rant time

memory issues remain, amd driver updates are too slow, what few resellers of softimage 2010 in aus that i can find, only list their email addresses they rarely have stores and what few do don't have prices for softimage2010.

the price in AUSTRALIA for softimage 2010 is not even remotely likley to be close to the american price plus conversion... rather it will likely be about a 100% markup on that price.

autodesk america only sells to US customers. autodesk does not have an online store for australia.

the switch from AVID to Autodesk means i can't upgrade to win7 until i upgrade softimage, primarily for fear of not being to re-enable my softimage license now the license servers have been ...i don't even know what they did in the "great transition phase" all i know is my saving for the cintiq21ux meant i couldn't upgrade to a newer "autodesk'd" softimage. leaving me with no confidence in reinstallation should windows go belly up.

THIS IS WHY I HATE AUTODESK, and why i bought a softimage license in the first place. the big guys use the assimilate or die method of marketplace competition. and the little guys are left with stagnating software and confusing beaurocratic hoops to jump through when all they want to do is make 3d models......

and it's damn hot here too, which is just making me even more miserable at the situation.


  1. ok after trawling every one of the reseller sites NONE of them list an actual price for a license. each and every one of them says "ask for a quote"

    way to discourage hobbyists. make us wait a week for some BS story about why the price is so much higher than the US one. the major issues with XSi i'm having have me this close to telling autodesk which hole to shove it in and i'll go buy a MODO license.

    at least modo has the upcoming hotswapping feature with z brush. if it can bake AO, normal and colour maps i'll be yet another anti-autodesk protestor to add to the pile.

  2. or not modo looks to have the same cumbersome "modes" that all the other 3d apps do. i liked XSi because everything works everywhere. there is no manipulate mode. object mode etc etc. it all just works. if i had to remember keyboard layouts for each and every "mode" i'd never get anything done.

  3. Welcome in our world!
    This is the hard law of money..